Photo credit:  Ronald Lim

Photo credit: Ronald Lim


I'm a freelance photographer currently based in Washington, D.C. Singaporean by nationality, I previously lived for 7 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after which my husband and I moved to Manhattan, NYC, for a year. During that year, I took various portraiture and street photography courses at the International Center of Photography to deepen my knowledge in the field. I'm ready to take advantage of the dynamic cityscape and contrasting cultures in the city, and love seeing the urban landscape through my lens. 

We all have stories to tell

There are moments we want to capture forever and memories we hope to pass on for generations on end. 

Photography lets us do all that 

The word photography has Greek roots, and it literally means "drawing with light". Isn't it beautiful? It allows us to share our tales with the world; a split second frozen in a frame. It demonstrates what words sometimes fail to do. And it lets you keep a treasured moment forever, even if time has gone on.

My biggest passion in life is crafting stories, and nothing gives me greater joy than being able to share someone's story through the medium of photography.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you do, let me share your story for you.

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